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Connect and Control Anything from Anywhere and sync in real-time

Open IoT (Internet Of Things) Platform and Framework.

Plug your device (Arduino/Raspberypi/Other) to the Cloud and sync in real-time.

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Device Management (real time)

Connect multiple devices and manage in a simplified way, through APIs and ready-made libraries. The registration and authentication process is all managed.

Firmware Lib

The firmware library allows easy creation of connected devices, reducing costs with low-level development. It is possible to create integrated projects on the platform in the cloud (MQTT) or even connect directly via USB, Bluetooth, etc.

Analytics / Dashboards

The platform allows you to create customized dashboards, to view the historical data of the devices or in real time. You define the layout and size of each graph using drag-and-drop.


Supports transport encryption for both MQTT and HTTP(s) protocols. Supports device authentication and device credentials management.

Start ready

Download and use. The distribution allows you to use the platform without any modification for various applications, such as control and monitoring (You can also use Docker).

Flexible Development

The modularization employed in the design allows customization by creating fully customized applications. The main server interface can be fully customized to improve usability for specific use cases

Plataforms and Tools for Makers

OpenDevice Features

The OpenDevice APIs enables you to prototype interactive connected products quickly and easily. It has embedded servers that support various protocols like: MQTT, REST and WebSocket, avoiding to install additional components.

Real-time (WebSockets)
Multi-protocol support
Async & non-blocking
Platform Agnostic
Lightweight/Built-in Servers
Standalone modules
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Modular architecture that can be customized for your needs !

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